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Digital Marketing Consulting and Services – specializing in small business solutions. Check out sample pages for various small business types.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss a website creation to showcase your business!  Other online marketing services available are as well, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, local search optimization, search and display advertising and email marketing campaigns.

In addition, we partner with a variety of related digital solutions to provide a comprehensive suite of services to showcase your business, provide efficiencies in operations and help your business grow.

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Restaurants -

Savor the Digital Flavor: Enhance Your Dining Experience!

In today’s digitally-driven dining culture, an online menu isn’t just a list – it’s an invitation. An enticing, updated restaurant website helps curious foodies virtually savor your dishes, even before they step into your establishment. Beyond reservations, your website becomes a portal where customers get a taste of your ambiance, specialties, and unique dining tales.


Beauty and Wellness

Glow Beyond Borders: Every Style Deserves a Spotlight!

In the realm of beauty, first impressions are everything. Your beauty salon’s website serves as a digital mirror, reflecting the transformations and artistry you create daily. Potential clients are constantly searching for trendsetting styles and wellness treatments. By flaunting your portfolio, client testimonials, and latest beauty trends, you make it clear that their next appointment should be with you.


Landscaping Services

Nurture Your Digital Garden: Let Your Craftsmanship Bloom Online!

A beautifully landscaped yard speaks of nature’s elegance and a landscaper’s dedication. But before clients entrust you with their green space, they wish to preview your artistry. An interactive website showcasing before-and-after photos, seasonal tips, and innovative designs can transport potential customers into serene gardens, making them eager to transform their own spaces.


Home Service Providers

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Ensure They Find Your Services First!

From plumbing issues to home renovations, when homeowners face challenges, they seek immediate online solutions. An accessible, user-friendly website ensures you’re their first port of call. Illustrate your craftsmanship, reliability, and efficiency through client testimonials, project galleries, and easy booking options. Turn those urgent searches into long-term trust.


Professional Services

Professionalize Your Digital Handshake: Because Deals Begin Online!

The digital age has transformed how we network. For professionals, an online platform is the new business card. Whether you’re a consultant, lawyer, or financial advisor, a crisp, clear, and informative website can differentiate you from the crowd. It offers clients a quick glance into your expertise, ethics, and case studies, ensuring they choose your desk to sit across from.


About Real Digital Results, LLC

We are a small business in Pennsylvania.  We recognize the unique needs of small business owners. We’re a small team with a big heart, passionate about powering local ventures like yours. We know every small business has its own beat. So, let’s chat about your dreams and goals. Together, we’ll craft a digital game plan that shines a spotlight on your brand without breaking the bank. Your success is our story.
Years of Business Experience
Years of Management Experience
Years of Marketing Budgeting and Optimization
Years of Website Design and Advertising

Services Offered

Website Design

Crafting Your Digital Storefront!

Dive into the digital realm with a website that speaks volumes about your brand. Tailored to your unique business vision, our designs are not just eye-catching but are built for performance, ensuring your visitors enjoy a seamless experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost Your Business to the Top!

Ever wondered how to climb to the top of search results? With our specialized SEO strategies, we ensure your business gets the visibility it deserves, placing you right where your potential customers are looking. Let’s make ‘Googling’ beneficial for you.

Social Media Marketing

Engage, Entertain, and Expand on Social Platforms!

It’s the age of social! We help your business build authentic connections with your audience through strategic content, interactive campaigns, and timely engagements. Let’s turn those likes, shares, and comments into loyal customers.

Search & Display Advertising

Be Seen, Be Clicked, Be Remembered!

Navigate the digital advertising world. Our expertly crafted ads ensure you’re seen on the platforms that matter most, driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales. From eye-catching visuals to compelling text, we strive for for advertising success.

Digital Solutions

Add-on or Stand Alone Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

Reputation Management

Software Solutions for Online Reviews

Management systems for collecting, responding and gaining critical insights from customer reviews.  One-time set-up or ongoing management services available.

Booking Services

Booking, Ordering and Reservations

Software solutions for making services available for booking online, including reservations, appointment reminders and online ordering.

Local Directories

Local Search Engine Optimization

Management of Local Directories to ensure your local business is showcased in search results evey time!

Digital Display Management

Onsite Digital Displays for Menus and More!

Take your business to a new level with digital deplays to showcase your services, menus, announcements and more.  Robust features with scheduling and remote management capabilities.  One-time set-up or ongoing management.

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